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We are one of the main electricity generation companies in Guatemala, we provide 300 megawatts of installed capacity to the system. Currently, we have a 15% stake in the generation market.

The most efficient plant in the system

The company contributes to the diversification of the energy matrix and to reduce dependence on petroleum products, satisfies the growing demand for electricity as well as reducing the costs of supply, being the most efficient plant of its kind in the national electricity system.

Jaguar Energy meets the demanding international standards in environmental, social and health and safety matters.

Thermal generation with the highest technology

Jaguar Energy generates electrical energy based on solid fuels with circulating fluid bed technology, used by the most modern thermal generation plants in the world.

This technology allows greater flexibility in the use and use of fuel, better levels of energy efficiency, as well as superior environmental performance, compared to other thermal plants. The plant has two generation units of 150 megawatts each.

We generate safe and reliable energy

To boost the economic development of Guatemala.

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